Fantasy Lords: Starting with the Pioneer Knight.

Fantasy Lords: Starting with the Pioneer Knight.


304 Chapters Ongoing Status


The war in the kingdom intensified, and the orcs from the North were ready to take action. They traveled through time and became the ninth son of an earl. He was not qualified to inherit the title, but accidentally obtained the daily intelligence system. With the help of the daily intelligence system, he began to build a territory and obtain the title. [Daily information has been updated] [1: Renn was wandering in the Lucerne town market today and accidentally bought a life fruit from Mijie's pulp shop. After taking it, he officially condensed the life seeds] [2 : In the northern part of your territory, there is an extremely rich iron mine among the Corinbus tribe] [3: In ten days, your territory will be attacked by the tauren] [4. In seven days, the western part of your territory will There is a group of unicorns looking for food] [5: ........] [6: Engel Dressrosa seems to have some troubles, coming from the limitations of his own strength] [7: .. .......]...


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