Fantasy: I made up the mythical age

Fantasy: I made up the mythical age


163 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Fantasy: I made up the mythical age

Ling Chen traveled to a fantasy world and obtained a mythical secret realm opening system, which allowed him to use his imagination to open up various mythical secret realms.

Because of a dark turmoil, all the history of this world before the ancient era was cut off, and everything about the mythical era disappeared.

Ling Chen said, since the old mythical era of this world has been annihilated, it is up to me to make up a new mythical era.

From Pangu's creation of heaven, to Hongjun's union, to the emergence of six saints, and the lich's struggle for hegemony...

From Hou Yi bending his bow and shooting for nine days, to Gonggong angrily attacking Mount Buzhou, to Nuwa mending the sky, and the three religions conferring gods...

From the beginningless emperor turning his back on the common people, to the ruthless emperor defying heaven and taking lives, to the emperor Huang Tian dictating for eternity, and the emperor Chen Tian conquering the way of heaven...

As each mythological secret realm is unearthed, the 'mythological age' that has disappeared in the long history has reappeared before everyone's eyes.

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