The Stepmother of a Wealthy Family Takes Care of Her Baby In Reverse In a Variety Show

The Stepmother of a Wealthy Family Takes Care of Her Baby In Reverse In a Variety Show


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What should I do if my ex-boyfriend is in a relationship with a wealthy widow and wants to accompany her to a baby show, acting like a loving father and a filial son?

Qu Ning transformed into the aunt of her ex-boyfriend and took her stepson to the baby show together.

When the variety show starts airing, other parents prepare delicious food for their children every day, but the ex-boyfriend’s family’s food is different.

Qu Ning: “Son, please be self-reliant.”

Other parents raise their children in a fancy and joyful way, but my ex-boyfriend’s family sets a model worker standard.

Qu Ning: “Son, just stay alive.”

At first, the stepson didn’t like Qu Ning and called her a vicious stepmother.

Later, Qu Ning said, “I count to three,” and the stepson obediently called Mom.

The audience couldn’t stand it: [Qu Ning is too fierce and terrifying. ]

The stepson learned to surf the Internet overnight: “Don’t meddle in other people’s business, this is what I do.” ]

No one expected that Qu Ning’s method of raising a baby in reverse would become popular all over the Internet, and various interview invitations came one after another.

The ex-boyfriend was envious and resentful: “Qu Ning, do you think it’s really easy to get into a wealthy family? As a stepmother, you will soon be the end of the line.”

Qu Ning smiled half-heartedly: “You must be the stepfather, but I may not be the stepmother.”

Ex-boyfriend:? ?

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