Play Ninja World, but the fantasy version of Naruto

Play Ninja World, but the fantasy version of Naruto


33 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Play Ninja World, but the fantasy version of Naruto

In the 63rd year of Konoha, when Naruto and Sasuke were waiting for the seventh team to instruct Jonin, a huge light curtain appeared in the sky above the ninja world:
[The sky and the earth are vast, the road is indistinct, on the continent of Xinobi, the supreme one among the sect is named— -film.
Naruto Ye: "I am a man who wants to become Hokage. I will keep my oath and my moral principles!"
Yuwen Sasuke: "Whether it is these demon eyes or the Yuwen family's skills, everything is an aid to revenge against my brother. "
Jingmu Yuxi: "Runtu, what I can do for you now is to send you to the road to the netherworld!"
Yuwen Runtu: "Then I do the same, Yuanxi, even though I don't know you. What are you looking forward to, but this is reality!"
Mori Hashirama: "Can we meet again? I have been praying for thousands of years in front of the Buddha~"
Long Aoban: "Even if I carry the devil of heretics, I have one eye. Entrusted to Runtu's son, I, Long Aoban, am still invincible in the world, hahahaha! "
Konoha Hidden Sect, Leiyun Tianque, Wuyue Immortal Pavilion, Pantu Spirit World, Chenfeng Valley, Dawn Temple, Two Great Spirit Eyes, The bloodline of ancient immortals, the nine immortal ferocious beasts, the Otsutsuki Demon...]
Ninja world: "Damn it, seeing such a wonderful battle between strong men is worth the price of admission even if you die!"
(Anbu master) , come to fight if you don’t accept it)


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