Nine stunning fiancées are waiting for my divorce

Nine stunning fiancées are waiting for my divorce


384 Chapters Ongoing Status


Summary: Ye Tiance has been married to Xiao Qingcheng for three years. When she rose to prominence, she began to despise him for being useless and kicked him out! After the divorce, Xiao Qingcheng learned that everything he owned was given by him! She regretted wanting to remarry, but found that Ye Tiance already had nine stunning fiancées, each of whom was a hundred times better than her! The first fiancée Han Ruoyun said coldly: Thank you for giving me such a good man! The second fiancée Rong Meiyan said proudly: Are you worthy of remarrying my fiancé? The third fiancée Liu Ruyan said charmingly: Go away, don’t delay me from having a baby with him! …


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